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Chronic Low Back Pain and the BEST Trial - Video Transcript

Low back pain, it's one of the most common complaints people share with their doctor.

For some, it's manageable, but for many others, this pain is long term and chronic.

Some people miss days of work or school as a result. Others may develop symptoms of depression and anxiety and have trouble sleeping.

Living with chronic low back pain can negatively impact all aspects of life and make even the most basic tasks a challenge.

Back pain and how people experience it is different for everyone.

Pain is a unique and individual experience, and there's not a one size fits all treatment plan, and that's where the BEST Trial comes in.

We are examining four unique treatments to help people conquer their pain and to learn which treatment is likely to work best based on an individual's specific traits.

BEST is being conducted by a nationwide network of researchers who've partnered with the National Institutes of Health to better understand chronic low back pain and how to match specific treatments to the individual: you. If you participate in the trial, we'll partner with you to learn how a specific treatment affects your pain over time.

We'll ask you to tell us about your pain, your enjoyment of life, and your ability to take part in day to day activities.

Each person will be assigned up to two treatments for their low back pain. We are studying four different treatments.

Each is safe, non-addictive and shown to be effective.

The four treatments are Duloxetine, an FDA approved prescription medication, self-care skills taught through online educational modules, sessions with physical therapists and chiropractors, and skill building mindfulness sessions focused on pain management with a psychologist.

If you have chronic, low back pain, think about how long it's been a problem and how frequently you experience low back pain.

Has low back pain been an ongoing problem for you for at least three months?

Has the pain happened on at least half of the days over the past six months?

Are you open to trying up to two of the assigned treatments, each lasting approximately three months?

If the answers to these questions are yes and you're over 18, then this trial might be a good fit for you.

Our goal is to learn how to help people recover from chronic low back pain.

If you're interested in being part of this effort, click on the Join the Study button on the BEST Trial website.

Together, we will do our best to beat low back pain.